Thursday, October 06, 2005

Five-Year College Reunion

I attended my five-year college reunion last weekend. I went to Beloit College, a tiny liberal arts institution in Beloit, WI, just off I-90 fifty miles SE of Madison along the Illinois border. They were the best 4 years of my life, even though some of my best friends have since let me way down by no longer returning my calls. Out of laziness or disinterest, I don't know which. But none of those people was at the reunion, which disappointed me actually. I'd really like to reconnect with them and find out what the &@*# happened. (I have some anger issues about this too. Expressing anger has never been my strong suit.)

Many of my friends and acquaintances made it back to campus, which surprised me. I wasn't expecting that many people to travel to Beloit for a weekend of 5-year-old reminiscing. Usually memories take longer to reach the peak of flavor, and Beloit is not a popular destination for a weekend getaway. It's an old factory town long past its prime with more bars than traffic lights.

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